The Artist's Background

Born on a rustic farm in the Southern Poland, Sylwia grew up in a very simple environment with a set of crayons, sticks and rocks for toys. Her first attempt of trying to get formal education in art was quickly discouraged by her preschool teachers after which Sylwia did not dare to mention she was interested in art till she emigrated to the United States of America in the year 2000. While living in New York, she first started to paint children's furniture as a hobby which met with great deal of enthusiasm from the viewers and which pushed her and others to believe there is some hidden talent for painting in her. One year, while traveling across America, she came across a poster advertising art classes and few months later she was enrolled in the foundation program at Colorado Academy of Art and moved to Boulder, Colorado. Four years later she graduated with a sculpting degree. Shortly after graduating one of her sculptures was chosen to participate in a prestigious international competition Art of the Portrait (organised by the Portrait Society of America) and won Exceptional Merit Award. At this stage Sylwia decided to return to Europe to be closer to her family and spend some years traveling and learning how to live and think differently. Sylwia has been traveling with her life partner since 2009 around Europe gaining new experiences and practicing the " life long learning" while always painting and exhibiting wherever they were. In 2013 Sylwia has been granted by European Union a participation in a Life Long Learning Program in Florence, Italy, where for two months she was learning the art of sculpting in the Carrara marble (her big dream!) under the watch of maestro Giorgio Buttini. In 2017 Sylwia was accepted to Repin Royal Academy of Art in Saint Petersburg for summer program to refresh her knowledge of academic art and spend time in one of the most inspiring Mecca of art in the world. Currently Sylwia and her partner took on an exciting project of bringing to life a ruin in an abandoned village in Greece, where they spend six months each year. This place is a true blanc canvas and a well of new inspiration! Finding ordinary objects and seeing beauty and potential in them was always Sylwia's big passion. Some of her latest works are inspired by or mixed with the items from the past, dusted off and brought back to their second life as art.